THE PATH OF MEMBERSHIP PROCESS…At the heart of the process is self-study and peer review

The purpose of the Path of Membership is to:

  • Protect the integrity and identity of Public Waldorf education through dissemination of the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education.
  • Provide public transparency by clearly articulating the stage of a school’s development.
  • Support the growth and development of schools through a supportive process that incorporates ongoing reflection, self-study, collaboration, and peer review.
  • Ensure that member schools have policies and practices that positively reflect the Core Principles.
  • Strengthen collaboration and sharing of best practices amongst schools.
  • Provide a clear path to the Public Waldorf service mark for member schools.
  • Increase the visibility and availability of Public Waldorf education.

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Initiatives work with the Core Principles until ready to undertake the self study. Learn more about the Core Principles here.

Developing and Full Member Schools

Developing and Full Member Schools

Developing and Full Member Schools undertake self-study and peer review in continuing 7-year cycles. Learn more about the process here.

Public Waldorf Service Mark

A clear path to use the Public Waldorf service mark

Membership Services and Benefits

Ongoing access to Alliance publications, resources and guidance

Membership Dues

The Alliance offers three categories of membership