Alliance Speakers Bureau

The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education has developed a list of Professional Development Adult Educators in a variety of topic areas for the Public Waldorf Community. This has been developed to support Alliance member school communities so that they can bring in experts in a multitude of areas to support a school community. The Alliance will support schools in arranging and coordinating with the speakers and will bill for services received. If there is a content area that is not here just let us know and we very likely might know someone who can speak on that topic. We can also develop and cater workshops to a school’s specific needs.

Contact Info for scheduling and workshop development: Chamomile Nusz, Member Services, at or 715-281-4776


  • 1/2 Day (2-4 hours): $500-$900
  • Full Day (6-8 hours): $1,000-$2,000

Speakers Bureau Topic List

Workshops with Liz Beaven

  • Education for the Future
  • Schools as Places of Healing
  • Nature as Educator
  • Parents as Partners
  • Waldorf/Public Waldorf education: various aspects including core principles.
  • Faculty or Board Workshops:
    • Core Principles;
    • Strategic planning/mission, vision, and goals;
    • Self-study;
    • Teacher development (inner and outer);
    • Teacher education/mentoring;
    • Towards healthy school communities.

Workshops with Betty Staley

  • Child Development: the importance of the 9th year change
  • The Middle School Years
  • Teacher Development in these challenging times
  • Working together based on temperament and soul attitudes
  • Biography reflection and positive parent relationships
  • Biography reflection and positive faculty relationships
  • Rudolf Steiner’s challenge to 21st century teachers
  • Incorporating African fairy tales and fables into the curriculum
  • Incorporating African stories into the 4th grade animal block
  • African geography and culture for a block in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade
  • Relating the story of Deganawidah into study of American history

Gender Creativity in the Classroom

with Rubina Martini

Gender expansive youth are students whose gender expression reaches beyond society’s expected norms and labels. Sometimes these children identify as gender nonconforming, gender expansive, genderqueer, or nonbinary youth. Together we will learn inclusive language, examine the classroom and build our toolbox to develop more gender expansive spaces for all youth. 

This workshop runs 3-4 hours depending on the number of participants. Content will be adapted to focus on specific age ranges. It is ideal for teachers, staff and caregivers in a school community. 

Respecting Personal Pronouns

with Rubina Martini

She, He… and the singular They? Personal pronouns are used everyday and often without thinking about it. When you use the right pronoun for someone, they will know you see them and respect them. Whether you are teaching grammar to youth or conducting school community events, this course will provide a compassionate framework to naturally incorporate positive pronoun use in your school community. 

This workshop runs 2 hours depending on the number of participants. Content will cover classroom cares, staff support and administrative tools to respecting pronouns. It is ideal for teachers, staff and caregivers in a school community. 

Inner Life of the Teacher through Art and Meditation

with Mary Ruud

This workshop will offer contemplative activities from the work of Gertrude Reif Hughes and her book “More Radiant than the Sun”. Artistic activities will enrich the participants’ experience as they immerse themselves in an artistic process.

White Privilege: Turning Self-Reflection into Anti-Racist Action

with Ellinoa Blake 

(2-3 hours) 

This workshop would explore the concept of white privilege, define and discuss systemic racism, and delve into concrete action steps to promote and practice anti-racism. 

Gender and Sexuality: How to Build Inclusive Spaces

with Ellinoa Blake 

(2-3 hours)

This workshop would review definitions around gender and sexuality, ways to reduce usage of the gender binary in the classroom, and how to hold conversations about gender and sexuality in the classroom.

The Art and Science of Writing Curriculum

with Mary Goral, Ph.D.

This workshop focuses on how to write a daily, detailed curriculum for Public Waldorf Schools.  Based on the indications of Rudolf Steiner, the workshop begins with a suggested curricular topic for a specific grade level and integrates in songs, poetry, movement activities, artistic work, stories, skills work and state standards.  Participants will experience a sample main lesson and will then work through the block  planning process using a template for enhanced organization.  

Musical Journey Through the Grades

with Monika Sutherland

Experience a Waldorf-inspired musical journey through the grades. Learn how music meets the developing child and participate in songs and movement activities from grades one through eight. Experience “mood of the fifth,” pentatonic, call-and-response, ostinato, drone, partner songs, rounds and part singing along with developmentally appropriate dances and movement. Includes SOCIALLY DISTANCED VERSIONS OF DANCES AND MOVEMENTS.

The workshop can include guidance in any of the following:

  • Teaching songs in age appropriate ways
  • Singing in harmony – rounds and songs with harmony parts
  • Working with boys changing voice in the middle school years
  • Teaching note reading through the grades
  • Ideas for listening games
  • Teaching musical improvisation
  • Rhythm games and how to use rhythm instruments through the grades
  • Enlivening music in your classroom

No prior musical experience necessary

Mentoring the Creative Spirit

with Anna Rainville  

  • Practical support for the early childhood teacher in Creating Learning Environments Indoors and Out; Rhythm, Routine, and Ritual; Play!; First Grade Readiness; Parent Connections; and Teacher Renewal
  • Practical support for grades teachers in Enhancing the Curriculum through Artistic Expression (including handwriting and calligraphy, language arts, and reimagining the main lesson book); Parent Connections; and Teacher Renewal

Singing Games for All Ages

with Anna Rainville 

  • To enliven the senses and build community, even on zoom!


with Jeff Lough

Topics specific to the practical workings of special ed in a Waldorf-Informed program

Form Drawing and Geometry

with Mary Ruud and Monica Alexandra

We will share the art and practice of form drawing with Eurythmy movement to create geometric forms in space. Participants will alternate drawing forms and moving the forms spatially. Instruction will include how to teach these skills effectively to children of various ages.

This could be offered as a half day workshop.

Early Childhood Workshops

with Hellene Brodsky

  • Working with the children remotely
  • Essentials for parents
  • Crafts (any – for pleasure or purpose)
  • Parent Support
  • EC teacher support
  • Inner work
  • First Grade Readiness
  • Storytime
  • Circles
  • Remote concerns

Self-Care: Protecting One’s Etheric

with Hellene Brodsky

How to strengthen your own being in light of the many challenges of the day.  

The Four Lower Senses

with Hellene Brodsky

This workshop will address the foundation senses that are essential to Early Childhood educators.

Workshops with Miyoung Schoen

  • How to connect with the forces of nature and overcome the fear and anxiety with the movement of poetry and songs
  • Developing uplifting movement activities that can overcome the isolation and help connections with each other
  • Preparing virtual lessons and deepening these aspects and goals