At the Alliance, we greatly appreciate your support of our programs and the work we are doing to bring Public Waldorf education to the United States. The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. We thank you for your support of Public Waldorf Education!

Dear Friends,

As the outer light fades in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer harvest is gathered, we turn toward one another and inwardly to ourselves for sources of connection, comfort, and renewed courage to face the extraordinary challenges of our time. This annual cycle seems more important than ever today as we continue to navigate uncertainty and threats to our individual and collective wellbeing.

We salute the courage and commitment of our many essential workers, modern-day heroes of courage and strength. We give thanks for their daily deeds and affirm that every teacher is a truly essential worker, putting the needs of children and their families at the forefront, and providing the reassurance of continuity in an unstable time. There have been remarkable deeds of selflessness, creativity, invention, brilliance, and resourcefulness since schools were forced to shut down and transition to virtual delivery as we all retreated into our homes last March. To every teacher, we give our heartfelt thanks for your dedication, caring, and professionalism. 

We know that, in this strange period, there are many demands on your time, attention, and pocketbook. In education—as in so many other parts of life—needs have grown greatly, and resources have shrunk significantly. Despite that, we are asking today for your support of our work in providing professional development and peer support to teachers in our member schools and beyond. We continue to host a series of regular Zoom meetings to advise and guide teachers and to facilitate the sharing of innovations. We are building a bank of resources on our revised website to assist schools and teachers in deepening their developmental approach and in reviewing curricula and practices across Public Waldorf Education to ensure that they are contemporary, inclusive, and meet our Core Principles of Social Change through Education and increasing Access and Diversity, both urgent needs for our time. 

We remain a largely volunteer-driven organization. Our wonderful Board and Advisors have demonstrated their support through financial contributions in addition to their hours of work and contributions of expertise. Please consider joining them with a gift, of whatever size is possible, in support of the growth and strengthening of Public Waldorf education and the many students who benefit from our teachers and schools. Every gift has impact as a statement of support. 

Thank you in advance for considering our request. We wish you and your family peace, health, courage, and inner light as we all navigate the final months of a truly unprecedented year.


With much gratitude,


Liz Beaven

President, on behalf of the Board of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education